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Microsoft Kicks Off Preview For New Windows 10 Updates & Features

Microsoft has said that it intends to roll out each year two feature updates to Windows 10. One update is to be in March or April and the other in September or October. Keeping in mind that the next scheduled update is September or October, it is the right time to begin seeking the elements that can be expected from Microsoft’s next update for Windows 10. If you need help in updating new features and solving any issues related to Microsoft Windows, please call our Windows tech support at 1-888-274-5606.

Presented below are some of the new features that you can expect this fall.

1. Cloud Clipboard

Cloud Clipboard will enable the user to copy text or a document and keep that copied thing saved to the cloud so that it can be pasted on other devices. However, this is going to be an optional feature and will operate on Windows 10 PC, iOS as well as Android.

The Cloud Clipboard was expected to come along with Redstone 4. But because of time constraints, Microsoft chose to hold it back and provide Cloud Clipboard some more time before finally rolling out. It is expected that Cloud Clipboard will come in Redstone 5.

2. Windows ‘Sets’

Microsoft has said that “Sets” is one of the features they are anticipating to roll out with Redstone 5. An early version of Sets was tested by the insiders at the time of development of Redstone 4 but it was not brought out as a feature during its release. Once again, they decided to work more on Sets and provide it to the users.

With the help of Sets, the users will be able to group apps and websites under the same window which is going to be exactly like the way tabs work in a web browser. It is also stretching this tabbing experience to more than only websites, thus enabling apps such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel to be grouped together under one Set so that they can then be shared throughout devices with Timeline. It will help in boosting the productivity and will drastically transform the way we use our computers.

3. Control Center

Microsoft has been working on a new Control Center for Windows 10. Its aim is going to be to accumulate all of the quick actions and system toggles under one pop-out menu which will be present in the System Tray on the taskbar. It is expected that the Control Center may come up with this release, and it will be present to the right of the taskbar. It is also expected that quick actions will be moving out of the Action Center and into Control Center, along with bringing other toggles and sliders, for instance, volume and other system information. Through this area, you will be able to control Microsoft tech support and system elements for example brightness, Wi-Fi, Focus assist and much more.

4. New Search Experience

Another feature that you can expect to come up in Redstone 5 is a fresh Windows search experience. It has been a while since Microsoft has been working on this new UI and it is expected to be the part of Microsoft’s larger effort of bringing Cortana into the Action Center in Windows 10. A large part of this plan has been accomplished in Redstone 4. However, there are going to be more elements that are going to come up in Redstone 5.


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