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ESET Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number

ESET is the best reviewed antivirus of 2018. If you are looking for assistance, you can use contact us using our ESET antivirus tech support phone number 18002745606. In order to safeguard your devices against malware, worm, viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other threats, then make sure that you use the ESET antivirus. Throughout the world, ESET is being used by people who have given it the best reviews over the web.

ESET Antivirus Security Features

With the help of ESET, you can get protection for your device on a number of levels. For instance, it will provide you with a common antivirus and antispyware layer to prevent general infection. The other remarkable feature is the Exploit Blocker which can stop the threats that arise from places like Java-based apps, browsers or PDF files. ESET will make you safe from ransomware which can otherwise use the browser and application vulnerabilities for its usage. You will also get the Advanced Memory Scanner feature that can identify a virus that has encryption of one or more layers.

ESET Internet Security

With the help of ESET Internet Security, your devices will be kept guarded with effective, multi-layered protection that is a strong combination of robust antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-rootkit and antispam capabilities. It will guard you against all types of internet viruses, worms or spyware whether you are working, using social media or playing online games. The speed of your device will also be boosted.

ESET Smart Security

With its help, you can protect yourself from malware that can attempt to lock your data from yourself. You can get in touch with our experts who will provide you free support by email or phone. With the help of Personal Firewall, you can refrain hackers from getting a path into your device and also keep it invisible while accessing any public Wi-Fi. You will also be able to use your webcam and home router safely as it will send you an alert as soon as someone attempts to access them.

Other Notable Features:

  • Real-time file protection module.
  • A section dedicated to the web access protection.
  • An anti-phishing module.
  • Email client protection.
  • The Activity watcher is a module which presents enhanced statistics
  • regarding the activity of files on your device.
  • The Running processes module watcher
  • Parental Control provides enhanced features, safeguarding children from sources potentially unsafe for their age. It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • Webcam Protection provides a shield from illegal accessing of your device’s webcams.
  • Safely store passwords, and encrypt your data.
  • Anti-Theft Optimization enhances the manner in which you interact with your PC’s interface while configuring its security settings.
  • Keep your kids safe online – block unwanted internet content by categories or individual websites and keep your kids safe online with Parental Control.
  • Bank and shop online more safely – automatically secure transactions on internet banking sites, and helps to protect you on online payment gateways.

Get in touch with our experts by contacting our ESET antivirus tech support phone number at 18002745606.

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