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Avast Antivirus Tech Support Services & New Features

Avast is one of the world’s most sought-after antiviruses because of its easy, light and effective performance. People all around the world use it and the reviews it gets on Google are a testament to its quality, robustness and customer support. Call Avast tech support team now at  1-888-274-5606 (Click to Call) to get better services from Avast. Avast has a memory usage that is very effective and at the time of scans, it flushes every 10 seconds which helps to keep its usage at a low-level. Avast has low system specifications that ensure the speed of your computer. However, Avast antivirus has brought some more new features.

Webcam Shield

Webcam Shield is a very essential feature which you can get in the latest version of Avast Premier. It helps to keep your device protected from various applications and malware that may attempt to enter it without your knowledge. Also, it can prevent untrusted applications to take photographs or videos from your webcam or send them to someone without your permission.

Sensitive Data Shield

Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security have also the option of Sensitive Data Shield. It helps to scans and guards your personal and sensitive documents against malware and virus that may otherwise access them. This way, your personal information is kept safe which otherwise can cause issues for your privacy. With the help of Sensitive Data Shield, you can control which applications or users have permission to use your files.

Ransomware Shield

With the help of Ransomware Shield, you can safeguard your personal photos, documents, and other files which can be modified, deleted, or encrypted if your device gets attacked by ransomware or virus. With its help, you can scan and automatically secure the folders which possess the personal data and enable you to specify which folders are the ones that you have to protect. Also, it is possible to specify the applications that have the permission to modify the files in your folders and which do not.

Behavior Shield

Avast antivirus provides an extra layer of an active shield which is the Behavior Shield. It looks after all the processes on your PC in real-time for suspectable action that may show if there is any virus inside or not. It detects and blocks the suspected files depending on their identity to other known threats, even if the files are not yet listed in the virus definitions database.

Passive Mode

With the help of Passive Mode, you can disable all active protection, in order for you to use more than one antivirus program at one point of time without affecting your device’s performance or the work of the antivirus.

Game Mode

You can you the Game Mode to enhance the speed and performance of your device while you game. This is done by regulating system settings and disabling unwanted apps from working in the background. Game Mode automatically identifies every time you run a game and adds it to a list of game entries so when you run games from this list of entries, Game Mode will launch itself automatically.

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